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La banque 2.0

Corporate Finance House

Arjil offers tailored solutions in the field of Merger&Acquisition, Sovereign Counsel, IPO in major financial markets and asset management through the subsidiary company ACG with more than 20 years experience, Arjil has realized MORE THAN 200 operations internationally with deals starting from 10M Euros to 6B Euros.

Capital Markets

Arjil team leads capital raising for quoted and non-quoted companies. From private placements (including pre-IPO financing), to IPOs. Our sources of capital range from traditional venture to non-traditional sources like hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, public mutual funds, HNW and family offices.

La banque 2.0


La banque 2.0

Tokenization Debt Restructuring

Arjil brings innovative solutions to optimize sovereign or corporate debt instrument with Tokens for sale through our exchange platform; The possibiliy to purchase a token with large corporate and governments' underlying assets. The token price can outperform according transactions volume. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain Ethereum. Our platform enables « buy and sell » with a tight « bid and ask » spread. Futures are also offered with quotes relying on the quality of tokens’ underlying sovereign assets.


Sovereign Advisor

Since 1987, Arjil with its expertise and experience, has been involved in public sector financial issues for French, European and international public authorities. Arjil advises Governments, public entities and public companies, in different segment, from the debt restructuring to infrastructures financing. A team dedicated to complex situations and intricate decision schemes.

The expertise of our teams makes it possible to offer a range of "tailor-made" advice for complex situations and for the implementation of a decision-making process, including project financing. Arjil has been committed in sovereign advisory in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

La banque 2.0

Track Record

Maintaining its strong industrial culture, a legacy of the Lagardère Group, Arjil has chosen to focus on certain sectors in which it has strong expertise

Continuous Relationships

Its ability to penetrate an industrial sector and its operating culture enable Arjil to establish a trust relationship with managers and shareholders. Arjil's partners support their clients in their strategic thinking and in the implementation of development decisions. Its reactivity and creativity ideally position Arjil as a privileged partner of major industrial groups to manage hundreds of complex projects.

La banque 2.0

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